Concrete Restoration

What is Concrete Spalling?

While our island home may be a paradise, our tropical climate can cause concrete spalling, where concrete reinforced buildings and structures begin to deteriorate.

While there are many potential culprits behind concrete spalling, the most common in Hawaii is due to the age of our buildings, and corrosion of reinforcing steel. As steel corrodes, it expands, which places extensive pressure on the surrounding concrete and causes it to crack, breakaway, and deteriorate.

Often times, concrete spalling is exasperated because of our structures’ coastal proximity, exposure to salty ocean air, chloride contamination, and moisture penetration. Concrete spalling is a serious concern, however, steps can be taken to reduce and even stop its negative impact.

How Kamaaina Pro Painters Can Help?

The first step in concrete restoration is to having the right team in place to identify the root cause of the concrete spalling, then implement and execute the correct repair method.

After the repairs are complete, protecting the building’s surfaces from the elements. is critical for the long-term preservation of the repairs and existing structure.

Concrete spall repair is not a simple “patch” or quick-fix applied to a structure; it is a complex, intricate project that requires an experienced contractor, proper licensing, and often times engineering and permitting to properly perform the repairs.

Kamaaina Pro Painters has the experience, licensing, and expertise to correctly identify and confirm the cause of the concrete deterioration, formulate a thorough plan, and perform the repairs the correct way.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your spall repair and concrete Restoration Project.